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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  September 3, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CDT

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talked about the hilltoppers next, the home opener on espn2. and that visit to oxford. the last couple times, rebels have gotten them. that's a game on the 17th. and then, saban's alma mater, kentucky. back-to-back road games against arkansas and tennessee. visit lsu. circle that one, november 5th, though, the tigers a little bit deflated already, with a loss. >> kirk: before we watched any games being played, i had alabama winning thet s.e.c. championship and getting into the playoff. actually getting to the national title. you look at that schedule, after what we've watched this -- it's only week one, but after what we've watched -- i mean, they -- they look really good. they look like they're going to just kind of continue to take off where they were last year and potentially -- i think they're going to be as good, if not better defensively, because i they they're going to be
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guys are a year older and wiser. jalen hurts is potentially an x factor, with what he can do in running this offense. his ability to throw and run. they have four running backs that they can use. the line's only going to get better week after week. they're going to be a tough out. >> chris: burnett takes a turn at punt returner. he's got a little room. that's out near midfield. what dou there were certainly some lows. >> kirk: well, arkansas came back and won that, by a point. >> chris: mississippi state missing that chip shot at the end. >> kirk: georgia, that's a great win over north carolina. wisconsin outplayed lsu most of that game and deserved to win. west virginia ends up beating missouri. florida with a win. a&m in overtime that was a great win over ucla. it's not -- that doesn't include
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gai game on thursday night, which wasn't a strong performance by the s.e.c. >> chris: auburn's defense doing a strong job against clemson, but still down by ten against the clemson tigers. and then you have ole miss against florida state, underdogs the game monday. usc with a toughest rated schedule in the country, says the fpi. we're going to see them up on the farm in palo alto. the conference opener. they play the three toughest s two of them on the road. that is a rough, rough road. and the home finale against notre dame. >> kirk: when you include alabama in the nine games they play in the pac-12, they're going to end up playing one of the toughest schedules in the country. that's why it was so important, chris, to come into this game, for clay helton to get his team to hit some adversity and fight through it. not let this game get away g you
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them to accomplish this year than just playing alabama and they missed out on that opportunity after competing early in the game, obviously, this thing has gotten away. >> chris: dominique davis gets a turn. this will not be, apparently, the worst loss in usc history. that was back in '66, a 51-0 loss to notre dame, but it is one of the worst, and mercifully, for them, it's in the final minute. the ford wrapup coming up after the gam what's the headline going to be, hurts so good, for the offensive line? or all about the defense? >> kirk: i would think you got to talk about the freshman quarterback, i mean, the defense is a staple and they looked great tonight, but jalen hurts, and some of the plays that he came up with, probably got to be a big story, don't you think? >> chris: quarterback keeper.
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s.e.c., or, usc struck first and then, the s.e.c. and alabama punched back in a big way. saban will still have work to do, he'll tell you, lots of improvement is needed, but jalen hurts, his debut, the true freshman, spectacular. and lane kiffin calling plays against his former school, enjoyed just about every minute of this.
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>> chris: big debut for jalen hurts. tide defense holding the trojans to just 194 yards. let's get saban's reaction down with samantha. >> samantha: coach, big night for your freshman quarterback that didn't even start the game. so, do you think jalen did enough tonight to earn that role, to be the guy for you? >> well, you know, he did a nice job tonight. i'm not sure we don't have a couple guys that can play quarterback, and i said,
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tonight was for now, so, it's for now. it was for now. we started another guy, he come in and played well. you know, if we can build with that, then we'll do that. but i think the focus for our team, our quarterbacks and everybody else, needs to be on improvement. i thought we played sloppy at times, made a lot of big plays, but we have to be more consistent in our execution. especially on offense. so, we got a lot of work to do. >> samantha: i know at halftime you talked to me about blocking. is that the main concern offensively? >> we didn't get started very well. we couldn't run the ball. we didn't control the line of scrimmage in the beginning of the game. one first down in the first quarter. so, you know, i know it looks like, 52-6, everybody's happy, i'm happy we won the game. i think southern cal has a good team. but i also think we have a lot of work to do. >> samantha: bama fans are happy to hear that. coach, congratulations. you can enjoy it a little bit, though. >> chris: we knew he'd be a
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12 yards given up after the first quarter. yes, they got off to a slow start. ran for 242, throwing for 223. >> kirk: they were sloppy tonight. a lot of work to do. clean some things up. they won 52-6, but in reality, first game, they were slow out of the gate. trying to figure out if blake barnett was going be the guy. they finally went to hurts and took advantage of some opportunities. the game flipped. and just like that, went from being a close game, sc playing taking control of the game up 17-3 and really that was it. >> chris: the reason why saban is guarded, it was one game. we're not sure what sc was going to be. they lost six games a year ago. they had high hopes. this may not look -- >> kirk: he's going to down play it, of course. and he's got ole miss in two weeks. a team that he's lost to two straight years. that's the laser focus right now. >> chris: alabama a little slow out of the gate and then began
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pretty much all over very, very early in the third quarter. tide looking very much like a number one-ranked team. tonight's game here was produced by bill minnow. next saturday, saturday night football will be at the bristol motor speedway, as virginia tech takes on tennessee. that's a wrap for now, but the ford next, so, let's go to cassidy hubbarth right now for that. thanks, chris. welcome to the ford wrapup. the 2016 college football season certainly knows how to make a good first impression. and if you are into upsets, then, it's certainly living up to the title as the greatest opening weekend ever. ever ever? ever ever. that is, unless, you're an lsu fan. brandon harris, with one of his two interceptions.
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josh bouta getting ejected because of that late hit. wisconsin hands lsu their first nonconference regular season loss in the les miles era. and number five goes down, so does number three. oklahoma. attempting the 53-yard field goal, short. brandon wilson brings it out of the end zone, and he is gone. for a kick six. number 15, houston, with its first win over an a.p. top three team since 1984. the cougars now underdog under tom herman. number 1tcu3 tcu taking on south dakota state. tcu up 52-41. also in progress, number two clemson, taking on auburn. late third quarter. auburn down 13-3. jeremi johnson, stuffed behind the line. fumbles it. clemson recovers. they are up 13-3 in the third. this game on espn.
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texas a&m. trevor knight. his second career game with multiple rushing tds. ucla, down to their last play. josh rosen's pass broken up and so is the comeback attempt. aggies beat ucla. speaking of comebacks. geor georgia/unc. nick chubb rushes for 222 yards. kirby smart wins his first game as georgia's head coach. the final. j.t. barrett, no controversy this year. and he put on a show. responsible for a school record seven tds, as ohio state puts up 77 and a school record 776 total yards in their win over bowling green. michigan showed no mercy to hawaii. chris evans taking it to the house. 43 yardss for the score. michigan wins it 63-3.
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alma mater of the late, great john saunders, upsetting northwestern, 22-21. also, richmond upsetting virginia, and south alabama beating mississippi state. mississippi state blew a 17-0 halftime lead at south alabama. oh, and we're not done yet. sunday night, 7:30 eastern, number ten, notre dame, at texas on abc. and then, monday, as if didn't have enough goodness, on espn, ole miss, number 11, taking on number 4, florida state. you've been watching the ford y wrapup, presented by the 2016 ford escape. be unstoppable. ? i'm free to do what i want and have a good time. ? just announced! 0% financing plus $500 labor day cash across the entire 2016 ford lineup. and specially tagged vehicles
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honey it's not swiping. come on i need it to swipe. i know i need to swipe something. get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. >> gaglianone for the lead. got it. adrienne: the play that put the badgers on top to stay as u.w. scores a huge upset over lsu. badgers players lining up to do the lambeau leap in celebration. it's a game fans will be talking about for a long time. sheldon: and for good reason, because there was a lot to celebrate.
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here in milwaukee, we have a team of reporters covering the excitement. we want to start with 12 sports stephanie sutton. stephanie: not many predicted the badgers would pull off the upset over fifth ranked lsu today at lambeau field, but they did, and they did it thrilling fashion. first college game at lambeau field since 1983, and bucky badger was loving it. wisconsin leading at the half, but didn't score a touchdown until the third quarter. touchdown run, just reaches across the goal line. badgers will take the score and are now up 13-0. but later the third quarter the momentum shifted. badgers turn the ball over twice and the tigers capitalize twice, , including bart houston throwing an interception to white for the pick six. all of a sudden badgers are trailing by one. but with under four minutes to play, wisconsin drives down the field. kicker raphael gaglianone hits a 47-yard field goal, his third one of the game. puts the badgers back on top 16-14. and with a minute to play, the badgers d'cota dixon picks off
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harris to seal the victory in titletown. the badgers upset the fifth ranked tigers 16-14. - 12 sports stephen watson reports from lambeau field. stephen: much was made of no lambeau leap before the game, but when the clock struck zero, many badgers join in the celebration when they took out lsu. >> i jumped into the crowd. that was one of the things were you look on tv and picture of yourself one day doing that. it was awesome. >> unbelievable, a feeling of joy, and just so happy, the atmosphere was incredible. >> i heard it from many people, multiple games, just to be of experience this. it is a great team. it couldn't be any more special.
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is a once-in-a-lifetime memory. this is one i will never forget, lambeau field, lsu. >> everything and more. i grew up in wisconsin and went to packers games. i'm used to the stadium to be green and gold. for it to be red and white, it was a special moment. stephen: it was categorized as a neutral wisconsin team, 48% were born in wisconsin, a special win, and one they certainly won't ever forget. stephanie: thank you, stephen. coming up later in sports, the other big story out of green bay. the packers cut josh sitton. the other players who are cut and the milwaukee native who made the team, coming up. adrienne: no matter where badgers watched the game, they
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as wisn 12 news ben hutchison reports it was the season opener , they were hoping for. >> it was a close game with the clock winding down. >> i thought we were going to win, but i was nervous and skeptical, but we came out on top. that is all that matters. >> amy wielgus is spot on the badgers are her frien d into the night. outside the water street brewery -- even going up against a top five team like lsu never a doubt. ,>> we show them what wisconsin is capable of, all right? the dairy state and all the cheese we eat drives us home. >> and with this interception to seal the win followed by a late hit this group happy to see , d'cota dixon walk off the
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the tigers. the big question is will this victory propelled wisconsin to a memorable season. only time will tell. sheldon: we'll have much more coverage of the badger's big win a later in sports. adrienne: some disturbing new information about drug abuse in southeast wisconsin. the milwaukee county medical examiner sent out this tweet today, "in the last 48 hours, the medical examiner's office has invested drug overdose deaths in milwaukee county." the tweet included the hashtag dose of reality. , just two days ago, leaders including u.s. senator ron johnson and attorney general brad schimel met in milwaukee for an opioid roundtable. according the american society of addiction medicine, more people die of drug overdoses people die of drug overdoses than any other cause of
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we know that four out of five people who start using heroin first became addicted to prescription aquatic painkillers. adrienne: the milwaukee county medical examiner says 161 people died from drug overdoses between january and the end of july. that's up 10% from the same time last year. sheldon: a new scholarship will honor two murdered nuns, including one from our area. mississippi university for women just announced the sister margaret held and sister paula merrill graduate nursing scholarship. both nuns were found dead in month. they worked as nurse practitioners in that community for many years. sister margaret was from slinger. she was laid to rest yesterday. adrienne: one oklahoma county is under a state of emergency tonight after getting hit with a large earthquake. the quake registered at a magnitude of that ties for the 5.6. strongest in the states' recorded history. the epicenter was about an hour outside of tulsa. there is visible damage to several buildings in pawnee county.
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when it's that shallow, areas that are pretty far away can still feel some of that shaking. the seismograph at u.w. milwaukee recorded the quake. uwm seismologist brett ketter says people felt it in as many as seven different states. but probably not here in wisconsin. >> this is pretty far away so it would have to be the exact right situation, a quiet house, you were aware of what'in maybe some rattling. , but i think most people probably wouldn't have even noticed the difference. adrienne: oklahoma is seeing a surge in smaller earthquakes, from a few dozen in 2012 to more than 900 last year. those are connected to underground wastewater disposal. as for the quake last night, we're only hearing about minor damage. sheldon: tropical storm hermine could become a hurricane again. the storm is gaining strength as
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place as far north as connecticut. so far at least two people have died because of the storm and , there's quite a bit of damage. >> it was like an explosion in my backyard. everything went up in the air and around. sheldon: listen to that. hermine is off the coast of maryland right now. communities in its path are bracing for storm surges and coastal flooding. we're learning new information tonight about the cost of last month's massive flooding in price tag is now more than 8.7 billion dollars. that number is expected to climb as louisiana adds up the damaged roads and public buildings. red cross volunteers from wisconsin and three emergency vehicles are already in louisiana, helping flood victims recover. the local red cross director tells 12 news the group is also helping victims of other disasters here at home. >> this has been an extremely
10:55 pm
not only have we had things across the country happening, but we have had things happening here in wisconsin. a large flood where we had a shelter open for a while, a large multifamily fire in sheboygan. sheldon: the volunteers work up to 14 hour shifts. they team up and visit shelters providing food, water, cleaning supplies and resources for , mental health. adrienne: the holiday weekend weather couldn't be better around here. lindsey: coming up next i'll tell you how , long our gorgeous weather will be lasting next in weatherwatch , 12. sheldon: also ahead, people at a fair sent to the hospital after getting hurt on a ride. the big mistake the ride operator made. announcer: get important local
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 10:00 with sheldon dutes, adrienne pedersen, meteorologist lindsey slater, and stephanie sutton with big 12 sports. wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. sheldon: eight people went to the hospital after getting hurt on a fairground ride in memphis. the operator of the moon-raker ride accidentally released their safety restraints before the ride came to a stop. >> and we were trying to hold on, hold on right here, and hold on the side. everybody was like falling in the middle of the ride. sheldon: the ride is shut down
10:59 pm
sounds very scary. a nearly 27-year-old mystery is solved tonight. adrienne: police in minnesota say human remains are from a boy kidnapped in october 1989. jacob wetterling was 11 years old when a masked gunman grabbed him from a road near his home. no one is charged, but police say a person of interest gave them infti remains could be found. that man is already awaiting trial on federal child pornography charges. sheldon: commitment 2016 coverage in the race for president. republican nominee donald trump is trying to gain support among african-americans. today, he spoke to a church congregation in detroit. trump told them he would work to bring economic improvement and fight against discrimination. >> i do understand now where he stands on certain issues, so that helps me, but that hasn't swayed my decision one way or another >> it's not about the speech or the message today, but what
11:00 pm
through behind it? sheldon: trump also toured the city with former presidential candidate ben carson. adrienne: libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson is making a play in wisconsin in hopes of raising his national profile. johnson tells upfront host mike gousha that he'd really like to be on stage in that first presidential debate on september 26. >> you need 15% in the major national polls to get into the debates. are you running out of time on that goal? >> the clock keeps ticking and the polls are ratcheting up, and we just one week ago started spending money. wisconsin being one of those states where we're spending money to actually advertise. so, maybe, maybe not. it's close. adrienne: sunday on upfront, mike gousha's one-on-one interview with gary johnson. his views on immigration and why he says building a wall is crazy.


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